Transportation and Delivery

Transportation and Delivery

General Liability – Mandatory in most states, general liability provides protection in the event you are sued for bodily injury or property damage. Many property owners require that you name them as an additional insured under your general liability policy, this protects them in the event you damage the property in some way.

Employment Practices Liability - Let us say you had to let an employee go because they were always late, or basically they did not do a good job. If the employee comes back and sues you for wrongful termination, discrimination, or sexual harassment, EPLI would be there to cover the cost of defense and damages up to the limits of the policy. If you are sued by an employee or former employee Employment Practice Liability is the ONLY coverage that provides protections.

Business Personal Property – So if you picked up your business and shook it upside down, everything that falls out, the computers, equipment, inventory would be considered Business Personal Property, and will only be covered if you have BPP coverage. Again, its about protecting your investment, your equipment is part of your assets, your net worth.

Cyber Liability – Data, its all about the data, hackers want your data, your employee’s information, your clients details and your vendors account numbers. They will steel it or lock it down for ramson, either way you have a big problem. By law you are responsible to notify individuals whose data may have been compromised. Under current law the company or organization that is storing the data is responsible for the data breaches and will pay any fines or fees that are the result of legal action.

Commercial Auto – Personal auto policies will not extend coverage to a cannabis risk. Whether you are transporting large quantities of harvested material or provide local delivery a commercial auto police is required. The coverages for a commercial policy are similar to those of a personal lines policy, the liability coverage protects you in the event you are responsible for the accident and the property coverage protects your vehicle.

Cargo In Transit – Provides coverage for the product “Cargo” you are transporting. Cargo In Transit protects your product “your $$” in the event of a fire resulting from an accident or theft.

Bailee Coverage – Provides coverage for cash in transit. In the event you or one of your drivers is robbed, Bailees coverage will reimburse you for the loss up to the policy limits

Workers Compensation – Is mandatory, if you are ever fined for not having workers compensation it can cost up to 10,000 per employee in some states. Workers comp provides coverage for employees in the event they are injured on the job. Some states such as Washington, are monolithic states, meaning coverage can only be offered by the state of Washington. When a state is monolithic, Stop Gap coverage is recommended. A monolithic state only provides coverage for the employees medical expenses and supplemental income, if an employee sues the employer because the injury was caused by an unsafe work environment there is no coverage in place to protect the employer and the cost of defense and any associated damages would be out of pocket. With Stop Gap coverage, the employer is now protected up to the limits of the policy.

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